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OMJP Email List Guidelines

Revised November, 2004

The purpose of the OMJP email list is to facilitate communication and
organizing related to our goal of promoting economic and social justice,
and peace. The list may be utilized to plan and announce events, share
information and news, and discuss issues.

We expect our communications to reflect the values and goals of OMJP:

“We are committed to building a mass movement to further justice and
peace. We believe that the issues of justice and peace cannot be
separated, and that by furthering economic and social justice we create
the conditions for a peaceful world. Our long term goal is to build a
society that meets the needs of all people, not one based on profit and
economic values.

“We actively support movements that challenge corporate-sponsored
globalization, and those that further racial, gender and economic
equality. Our efforts are focused on working in solidarity and in
coalition with individuals and groups on a local, regional, national,
and global level.

“We invite all who share our goals to join the Olympia Movement for
Justice & Peace. We are committed to building a group that is
democratically structured, where each person’s voice is valued and
heard. We intend to share skills and knowledge among our membership and
with the broader community. We are committed to building a group that
continues past the current war, that is welcoming and truly inclusive of
workers and students, old and young, women and men, all sexual
orientations, and is racially and culturally diverse.” [About OMJP,

We seek to include every voice in the spirit of collaborative, caring
activism. Therefore, email messages should reflect:

  • respect and consideration for others
  • tolerance for differing points of view
  • constructive dialogue

We reject all forms of violence, such as personal and character attacks,
verbal abuse, intimidation, threats, and language that demeans or
devalues others, including on the basis of age, class, sex, sexual
orientation, religion, race, ethnicity or culture.

When posting to the list, the writer should identify him/herself.

Inability to abide by the above may result in a warning and/or removal
from the list at the discretion of the list managers.

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