Olympians Against Frackin the Bakken

Oly Movement for Justice & Peace is organizing a global warming event at Traditions at 5th and Water Street on April 16th.  We will be gathering around 6:30 pm, setting up free food – potluck, bring your own utensils please, then will follow with Speakers, Music, and some Streaming Video. We are working on the lineup and will update as things are firmed up.

What’s the point?  Global warming.  It’s coming to get us.  Stop worrying about terrorists, the real threat is global warming.  It’s going to hurt us in a major way if we carry on with business as usual.

What have the smart folks done?  They have ok’d tax breaks for destructive energy systems that drive the problem.  They have exempted the fossil fuel industry from the Safe Drinking Water and Clean Air Acts. Click me to read more

President Obama is gearing up to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline and arguing for his “all of the above” energy plan.  This smart guy, the best we are likely to get in the WH anytime soon, thinks driving the world over the climate cliff is a progressive idea.  So much for the Smart Folks.

We need OAFs to stop the madness and we are calling out for the OAFs – Olympians Against Fracking – to arise because the stupidity of the smart folks is going to do us in.  What part does Olympia play in the stupidity of the smart folks?  The Port of Olympia is turning a buck by allowing the import and transfer of ceramic proppants manufactured in China and shipping these materials out to the Bakken Formation in North Dakota.  The proppants are manufactured in China where labor and environmental laws are lax compared to our laws, so this import underwrites the loss of US jobs and increases global pollution.

When we hear fracking, we think of hydraulic fracturing of the Marcellus Shale on the East Coast.  This fracking claims to be the means to green energy – relatively clean-burning natural gas that can reduce our use of less clean coal, but the destruction and contamination of ground water and the air we breathe is part of the price we pay for fracking for clean fuels, right?

Well, WRONG, in the case of the ceramic proppants moving through the Port of Olympia.  These proppants are not being used to capture “clean” natural gas, they are heading to North Dakota to crack the ground open and allow the fossil fuel industry to turn a profit on oil in the Bakken Formation. The proppanst are injected into the ground where they will jam open cracks in the ground for up to thirty years.  These proppants are infrastructure for an unsustainable and catastrophic energy policy.  Is there natural gas in the Bakken Formation?  Could these proppants be part of the solution to global warming?  Well, yes, there is natural gas in the Bakken, but the fossil fuel industry can’t be bothered to capture this “green fuel” when there is more profitable oil to be had.  They are simply burning the natural gas from the fracking of the Bakken Formation as a waste gas, a nuisance material. The industry that brought the Exxon Valdez to Prince William Sound and the  Deepwater Horizon to the Gulf of Mexico is working day and night in North Dakota and they need the materials that are coming through the Port of Olympia.  Sounds like bad news, right?

Here is the good news:  We can stop this stupidity.  We can lead the way as Olympia often has.  Remember the Port Militarization Resistance that stopped the movement of war materials to Afghanistan, Pakistan and APO?   Mission Accomplished!

We can stop the shipment of ceramic proppants through the Port of Olympia, then we can rally other communities to follow our lead and stop this stupid and deadly economic activity.  Here is more good news:  Global warming is a jobs program.  The transition from a profit-driven fossil fuel energy grid to a clean and green, sustainable energy grid is a jobs program.  This is a change that we have to make.  The US should be leading the way.  The leaders are not going to lead, they are owned by the fossil fuel industry.   Banks that are too big to fail, destructive industries that are too big to jail.  That is what we are up against.

Stand Up, you OAFs!   See you at Traditions on April 16th.  Arrive hungry.  Eat and socialize with your neighbors, but remain hungry.  We need to be hungry for peace and justice.  We need to famished for environmental and social justice.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.  It is up to us to create the change that is needed.  Rise Up, Oafs!  This is our time.

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