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The People’s Movement Assembly Sat. Oct. 29 2011

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011


The fliers above are ready to print and post/share online. Invite your friends!


Peoples’ Movement Assembly
Saturday, October 29, 8:15AM-5:00PM, at the
Olympia Community Center
222 Columbia St. NW, Downtown Olympia
Network, Strategize, Plan, Organize, Act


The Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace is holding it’s second People’s Movement Assembly on October 29 from 8:00 until 5:00 at the Olympia Center (222 Columbia St NW). This year’s event will create a space for local social justice groups and interested individuals to network, share insights, and plan together for future actions. Following an introductory panel, there will be three blocks of 90 min. facilitated workshops, as listed below. Each workshop will begin with a 10 min. presentation by a local group or individual who has been active in the topic to be discussed. Following this, workshop participants will be able to introduce themselves and then spend the remainder of the time discussing their experiences, thoughts, ideas, interests, and goals. A strong effort will be made to create room for as broad of a range of input as possible. Notes will be taken to be shared with folks who could not attend. In general, we hope that the PMA will allow incoming students, new community members, and established Olympia residents to meet and strengthen the social justice movements in Olympia and elsewhere. Food Not Bombs will be preparing lunch, the Olympia Really Really Free Market will be in full swing (bring household items to give away), all of the leftist organizations, collectives, and autonomous individuals we can get will be tabling, and children will have their own space created by the Olympia Childcare Collective. We hope to see ya’ll there!

Schedule (subject to change)
8:15- 9:00 Set up and informal snacks/breakfast
9:00—10 am Opening Panel-
“Connecting the Struggles”
Local – Vanessa Hoy, International –Cindy Corrie, National -Larry Mosqueda
A) 10:10-11:40 pm First Set of Workshops
1. Police Accountability and Local Cases
Mike Coday, Nathaniel Jones
2. The U.S. Wars in IraqAfghanistanPakistan, & Elsewhere
David Price
3. The Continuing Global Economic Crisis: Occupation vs. Austerity
Peter Bohmer
4. Marxist Praxis Now
Kerry Finnan
5. Food Justice and Local Food
Dani Madrone
6. Creating an Inter-Generational Movement
Josh Elliot & Chris Grande
11:45am—12:45pm Lunch– Prepared by Food Not Bombs and the community
–Networking, and Organizing: Informal discussion around the Occupation Movement and other topics

B) 1:00-2:25pm Second Set of Workshops

1. Political Prisoners and Immigration

Adam Carpinelli (NW Jericho), Kaitlyn Lucus and Jamie Alwine (Bridges Not Walls)

2. Low Income People and Students Organizing for a Fair Budget

POWER, Monica Peabody

3. Our Broken Electoral System

Janet Jordan

4. War Resistance Inside and Outside of the Military


5. Latin America and the Global South

Kelsey Weller, Rick Fellows

6. Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions: Palestinian Solidarity in Olympia

TESC Divest

C) 2:35-3:50pm Third Set of Workshops:

1. Radical State Budget Reform and the Occupation Movement

Dana Walker, Marylea Coday, CIVIL, OCFB

2. Alternative Local Media

Deb Vinsel of TCTV, Brendan Funtek

3. Challenging Corporate Personhood

Molly Gibbs

4. Creating a Washington State Bank

Zahid Chaudhry

5. Bring Our Billions Home Campaign

Glen Anderson

6. Economic Alternatives: The Time Bank, the Really Really Free Market, and Beyond Capitalism

Ann Chaudhry, Lee Durfey and Peter Bohmer

3:55-4:30pm “Wrap Up” Discussion on the PMA and the Occupation Movement

(Share your thoughts on a comment card or speak to the group. These and other discussions will hopefully continue at Heritage Park. )

Lee Durfey, Facilitator

4:30-5:00pm Clean Up

5:00pm Solidarity March to Occupy Olympia @ Heritage Park

10am-2pm Cooking with Food Not Bombs
9-4:30 Olympia Really Really Free Market (bring stuff to give away)
Busking Encouraged
All day: Free Childcare from the Olympia Childcare Collective
If possible, please contact us in advance if you plan to use this service.

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